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Height 4ft  Width 8ft  Length 22ft 


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Equivalent to the capacity of 120 (32-gallon) trash bags or 8 standard pickup truck loads of waste, this generous container ensures you can tackle even the most extensive projects with ease. Each rental includes a 7-10 day rental period, providing you with the flexibility to manage your waste removal at your own pace.


Pricing and weight limits for this rental are determined based on the specific materials you're disposing of, ensuring a fair and tailored solution for your project. Simplify your waste disposal needs and trust Superior Waste Services, serving the Long Island community with over two decades of dedicated service. Contact us today for a seamless waste management experience!

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This container, equivalent to 90 (32-gallon) trash bags or 8 standard pickup truck loads of trash, comes with a rental period of 7 to 10 days, with a $50 weekly extension. The price and weight limit for this rental will vary based on the specific materials being hauled away.


Driveway Protection

We provide planks or plywood for our drivers to place beneath the rollers of the container. 

Easy Swing Door Access


All containers from Superior Waste of New York feature easy-opening back doors, allowing for convenient walk-in loading.

Same Day Deliveries


The benefits to having one of the largest inventories of dumpsters on Long Island is that we can usually accommodate last minute requests. 

Cheap Weekly Extensions


We offer the cheapest extensions on Long Island. Whereas most competitors charge upwards of $25 per day to extend the rental, we charge $50 per week, for as long as you need it. 

Saturday Deliveries


Whether you're tackling a weekend clean-up project or need to dispose of construction debris, our reliable and flexible Saturday delivery service ensures that you have access to our top-notch dumpsters when it suits you best

Unacceptable Materials

Ensuring the safety of our employees, as well as those working at disposal sites, and our commitment to environmental preservation are top priorities for us. We strictly adhere to regulations from the EPA and New York State regarding materials that are potentially harmful to the environment or site personnel. Kindly refrain from placing the following materials in our containers. If you have any questions or need clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Liquids (including paints, cleaners, fuels, oils, etc.) – All paint lids must be removed. Paint mixed with dirt or sand and allowed to dry is acceptable.


Propane tanks

Asbestos (except for asbestos contractors using approved closed containers)

Appliances with refrigerants – If your appliance repair professional - remove the freon and attach a certification tag to the unit, it will be accepted at area sites.


Contaminated soils – Contact us for an estimate on the proper disposal of such soils.


Fluorescent light ballasts – Ballasts are the small black rectangular boxes located on the underside of these lights where the wires enter and exit. Old ballasts  may contain PCBs. Each ballast clearly states whether or not it contains PCBs. We cannot accept ballasts containing PCBs, so please check before placing them in our containers.

Microwave ovens


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